Excursion to the craters

Arranged on a daily basis,from March to November, departure time may vary depending on the season but approximately take place three hours before sunset.
918 meters
6 hours 2 hours and 45 minutes to climb - 1 hour break on the summit peak – 2 hours to descend
To embark on this excursion you need to be in good physical condition, be motivated and used to climb.
During summer months, temperature are very high, also in the late afternoon, but once you reach the peak, you need to protect yourself from humidity and wind, that’s why you must equip yourself with the proper gear.
We suggest to book the excursion in advance. Due safety reasons, each group has a maximum number, we therefore advise you to inform us beforehand of your arrival, so we can keep you updated about the marine weather report, in order to be sure that the ship will be able to dock.
The guide will provide you with a mandatory safety helmet for the areas around the peak and anti-dusk mask ( necessary to descend in the driest months). The cost of the excursion is 28€ per person,and 25€ children until 14 years old. Contact us to have discounts if you are a group of more than 10 people or for numerous families. Children not under the age of 7, can join the excursion.
The climb is not suitable for those with a known heart condition, asthmatics, persons who suffer from vertigo. Cause volcanic hash please no contact lenses. Pregnant women until the third month can’t join this trek.

Personal Guide

A personal guide can be booked for those who wish to visit the volcano alone, or with family or with small group of friends, to enjoy this experience in complete exclusivity. Cost varies depending on the season and must be arranged upon when you book the excursion.

Map of the island

The Aeolian island shave provided the science of volcanology with examples of two types of eruptions ( Vulcanian and Strombolian ) and this have featured prominently in the education of geologists for more then 200 years.
Stromboli, one of the few permanently active volcanoes on earth, is the most northerly of the aeolian Islands.
The active craters are in permanent activity, which has been going on for many centuries, and which usually consist of small eruptions taking place at different intervals, with explosions of fragments of incandescent lava and variable quantities of ash up to some hundred meters above the mouths.
Here the map of the island with treks.

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